image0194Bleaching is an excellent way to get rid of years of surface stains from the front and back of your teeth and noticeably brighten your smile. Bleaching can be done at our office and we will make you custom fit bleaching trays that you can use at home for years. We take a picture of your teeth before and after so you can appreciate the difference! We will take impressions for your trays then apply a layer of protective opalDam over the gums. A Boost bleaching gel is then placed on your teeth in 1-3 stages for about fifteen minutes each depending on how well you tolerate the procedure. Bleach opens the pores in your tooth structure which allows more feeling temporarily. Sensitivity is not common but can occur. Using a toothpaste for sensitivity can diminish this. After 1-3 rounds of bleaching a fluoride treatment is applied to help seal up the tooth and decrease sensitivity. Most of our patients are 1-3 shades lighter after their treatment. Your custom trays are ready for pickup in just a few days. If you bleach in the office with us, you will receive your first tube of bleach at no cost to take home so you can touch up your smile as needed. Bleach may also be purchased at our office if you already have trays. Remember: avoid such things as coffee, red wine, cola and nicotine/smoking for the first 72 hours after bleaching when you teeth are most porous and susceptible to staining. Rinsing after meals, using a straw and brushing midday are ways to keep your teeth pearly white. Remember that fillings, crowns and veneers will not lighten, only your natural teeth.