images_flexible-partialA partial is used to replace two or more missing teeth anywhere in the mouth and they are removable. There are two types of partials, including the traditional metal framework partial. On this partial, there will be tissue colored acrylic holding the missing teeth and supported by the metal framework that attaches to your existing teeth. The newer partials, like Valpast or Cusil are made entirely of acrylic (pink tissue colored) and are flexible when ran under hot water the first time you put it in your mouth. These have no metal and are only supported by your tissues, for example it contours to the roof of your mouth. Both partials require several appointments for impression and try-ins so you get the best possible fit. You and Dr.Roberts will also select size, shape and color of the teeth.

images_metal-framework-partialHint: We’ve found from our patients that dogs are very “partial” to partials, so keep yours away from your pet at night when you remove it for sleeping!!