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Pregnancy and Oral Health

You always hear that when a woman is pregnant calcium is lost from her teeth..But what’s the real reason behind oral health problems during pregnancy? While pregnant woman experience an abundance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone that can cause the gum tissue to have an adverse reaction to the build-up of plaque. Because of this fact it is important to take care of your teeth and gums during pregnancy.


  • Before you become pregnant you should make an appointment to see Dr.Roberts to evaluate gum tissue health as well as the health of your teeth. This allows any problems to be found and treated before pregnancy.
  • You should always inform your dentist and dental assistants if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. This allows us to better treat your specific needs and protect both mother and baby. As a precaution Dr.Roberts recommends that NO dental treatment be done during the first and last trimesters of pregnancy unless it is an emergency that may negatively affect either mother or fetus. These trimesters are critical times in the baby’s growth. Routine dental care and check-ups can be received during the second trimester, all other dental treatment should be postponed until after delivery.
  • Avoid dental x-rays during pregnancy, if x-rays are needed Dr.Roberts and his staff will take extreme caution to keep both mother and fetus safe.
  • Remember to keep up with a good dental routine at home while pregnant. This includes, but is not limited to brushing twice daily for 3 minutes each time, flossing or using water pick daily, and using a mouth rinse routinely.
  • During pregnancy it is especially important to attend your bi-annual checkup and dental cleanings. This allows Dr.Roberts and/or our hygienist to assess your periodontal health, this is important due to the fact that rising hormone levels put you at a higher risk for periodontal disease or gingivitis. Pay close attention to any changes in your oral health and if at anytime during your pregnancy you experience swollen or bleeding gums inform Dr.Roberts or our hygienist. Morning sickness is very unpleasant experience while pregnant, and it can wreck havoc on your teeth!


  • If brushing your teeth is making you nauseated try switching toothpastes
  • Always rinse your mouth out with water or a mouth wash after vomiting
  • Try to eat a balanced diet
  • Avoid eating sugary or acidic foods

After delivery schedule an appointment with Dr.Roberts to have any further treatment that was needed performed and to have your periodontal health assessed

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to see Dr.Roberts and one of our hygienists give us a call at (580) 924-3330 We look forward to hearing from you!