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Want the 411 on flossing?

Have you always thought that flossing comes second to brushing? Think again! Studies show that keeping up a healthy flossing routine is equally as important as brushing. Dr.Roberts and Dr.Mahdy recommend flossing before you brush your teeth a minimum of twice daily. Getting bored with your normal routine? Spice it up with a water pick, or brush pick. Below I will post images of some of our favorite products here at Magnolia City Dental, and next time you are in our office ask for a sample!

When you are new to flossing you may experience your gum tissue bleeding, this is a sign of infection, and will resolve as you continue to floss and build up the strength of your tissues.

Fun Fact: Proper flossing should require the average person to use 122 yards of floss per year, although sales data shows that the average person only uses about 18 yards per year.





We LOVE these water picks. They attach to your shower head for easy use, and no clean up! They are available for purchase in our office.