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Water: reasons why it should be your best friend!

There are many reasons why water should be your go to drink, especially with the warm summer weather approaching us! Water can help your body and TEETH in many ways.

First of all water keeps you cool, drink it daily when you are feeling thirsty, spritz yourself, or go for a swim to cool down.

Water helps to prevent bad breath, it helps to wash out all of the bad bacteria in your mouth that would otherwise get trapped causing foul odors. Dehydration slows saliva production as well causing dry mouth. Drinking water also helps to prevent cavity formation by washing away some of the sugary residue left after eating. This should not replace brushing or flossing, but instead be added to your daily fluid intake.

Water is also good for your skin, It helps to prevent dryness, and wrinkle formation. Who doesn’t want that?! Water is CALORIE FREE, it can help reduce calorie intake by replacing sugary drinks in your diet. It also helps to energize your muscles.

It is estimated that water intake should be around 2.2 liters daily. Are you getting enough water? if not keep reading.

Some fun and easy ways to add water to your daily intake:

Take a bottle to go: throw it in your purse or car so you’ll have it with in case you get thirsty on the go.

  • Get a fun new water bottle to keep things interesting.
  • Order water when you’re out to eat (this will also lower your bill! $ cha ching!)
  • Try a sugar free water flavor or adding fruit to your water
  • set a timer to drink water every hour